Product FAQ & Care Tips


Regular matte vinyl stickers are indoor, outdoor, dish washer and UV safe for up to 4 years. Specialty vinyl stickers like holo are the same but for up to 2 years. Clean surface well. Make sure surface is completely dry before applying the sticker. Apply from corner to corner to minimize air bubbles. Allow 24 hours for adhesive to set before submerging in water.


Plain paper stickers are not durable and waterproof. They may sometimes come with specialty lamination but they are most recommended for planners, journals, deco, etc. where they are far from moisture and the elements.


Most if not all By Rumex enamel pins are made with zinc alloy instead of iron; otherwise they will be indicated in the listing. This means pins are less prone to rusting and tarnishing, and are generally low-maintenance. However, it is recommended that pins be stored in a clean, dry environment and away from moisture and extreme heat. Non-abrasive textile such as microfiber cloth may be used to wipe and polish pins. Please do not use silver polishing cloth/treated jewelry cloth to wipe pins - plating color will fade.


Acrylic charms, pins, and etc. will all come with a protective film both sides that prevents scratches and flaws to the actual acrylic surface. This is kept on for the customers to remove. Acrylic products with an epoxy side do not come with protective films, only on its flat side.


Wooden charms, pins, and etc. are made with natural wood material which means each product may have varying colors, grain, and textures. It is recommended to keep them in a clean, dry environment and away from moisture and extreme heat.


Button pins and magnets are hand assembled and slight variations may be normal. Buttons may rust in a few years. Avoid storing in wet or humid environment to prevent rust.


Air fresheners are made with biodegradable cotton paper that are certified non toxic and phthalates free. Keep air freshener away from children. Keep air freshener away from gadgets. Air fresheners are cardboard soaked in oils, and prolonged contact with oils might destroy adjacent items. 


It is recommended to keep them in a clean, dry environment and away from moisture and extreme heat.