Pin Grading Guide by Rumex

Pin Grading by Rumex

Every pin maker's grading system may vary, and this is what I personally use for my pins. Enamel pins are HANDMADE, despite being mass-produced. No pins will be blemish-free but some may have more noticeable defects than others.

I used to be really harsh at grading, but realized that I will do myself, my factory, and my customers all a favor by setting realistic standards and expectations on what pins from each tier should be.

If you have bought B-grades from me before and thought they were perfect, that perception may slightly change as I have started to become lenient in grading.

Standard GRADE
- best pins out of the batch
- may have polishing marks or scratches that are only seen under intense lighting
- may have small, negligible nicks or dents in metal or backplate
- may have small bubbling and dips in low-focus areas

B GRADE (discounted)
- may include one or multiple defects previously mentioned
- deeper marks and scratches
- big areas of underfilled or overfilled enamel
- bubbling of enamel
- dust and artefacts
- small areas of chipped plating

C GRADE (discounted or not sold)
- may include one or multiple defects previously mentioned in multiple or larger areas
- missing enamel color
- wrong enamel color
- dust and artefacts under enamel
- bent posts
- big areas of chipped plating